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Brittany Runs a Marathon, dir. Paul Downs Colaizzo

Magnificent 6 or Ale kino+ Section

Mark Webber, the recipient of the Indie Star Award Classics at 10. AFF

They have an original style, win awards at major festivals and remind Hollywood actors that there is a world outside of big studios. We’re talking about directors whose films were included in the Ale kino+ section, which is a part of 10th American Film Festival in Wrocław. We present the magnificent six and their work.

Paul Downs Colaizzo: Brittany Runs a Marathon

The talented comedian Jillian Bell, who has previously stolen every single scene in Rough Night or 22 Jump Street, doesn’t have to fight for attention. Unlike Brittany, wh is a broke girl without perspectives. However, after hearing the doctor's brutally honest opinion about her health, Brittany decides to change her life — and before that happens, she’ll at least start running (who can afford a pass to the gym)? Awarded at  Sundance Film Festival, this movie by Paul Downs Colaizzo is an excellent satire on the "eternally young and healthy" America.

Michael Tyburski: The Sound of Silence

The movie is an extravagant walk through New York streets in search of sounds, signs and the meaning of life. The Sound of Silence stars Peter Sarsgaard who plays the role of a self-appointed „home tuner". At the request of his clients, he investigates their apartments looking for particular types of sounds, believing that annoying noises — such as crackling toaster or humming of a broken electrical installation — are a source of anxiety and stress.

Patrick Brice: Corporate Animals

In his movie, Patrick Brice savagely laughs at corporations and start-ups, while the lead actress, Demi Moore, mocks the role she played in the famous thriller Disclosure. She’s an emotionally unstable boss who likes to say things like: The brain is the largest muscle. Several of her employees are forced to take part in an integration trip toNew Mexico. The trip quickly becomes a nightmare when the group is suddenly trapped in a cave.

Julius Onah: Luce

Julius Onaha’s film is a suspenseful thriller, elaborating on class tensions and political correctness. A pair of wealthy Americans (Naomi Watts and Tim Roth, both great in their roles) adopt a former Eritrean child soldier (marvellous Kelvin Harrison Jr.). Luce seems to fit perfectly into the "American dream" — he wins over the hearts of his peers and becomes a school star. Demons of the past are not sleeping, though.

Lynn Shelton: Sword of Trust

Taking place in the South immersed in American myths, Sword of Trust by Lynn Shelton is, above all, a surprisingly accurate analysis of world of conspiracy theories and fake news. Mary (Michaela Watkins) accompanies her girlfriend Cynthia (Jillian Bell) on a trip to Birmingham. She hopes to inherit her grandfather's house. It turns out that the property was taken over by the bank and the only thing left for the girl is a mysterious… sword. According to Cynthia’s late relative, this is an invaluable trophy which proves that — no matter what the history says — the Confederates won the Civil War.

Kirill Mikhanovsky: Wolności! (Give Me Liberty)

This energetic comedy by Kirill Mikhanovsky combines a ruthless sense of humor with a careful, sentimental-free depiction of the situation of minorities living in the US. Vic (Chris Galust) is a young Russian driver who carries people with disabilities around the city. When the transport, which was supposed to take his relatives to the family member’s funeral, doesn’t arrive, Vic decides to take the family to the funeral himself, thus risking his job and starting a crazy trip.

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