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Ursula Macfarlane, UK 2019, 98’
The Old Man and the Gun Us

No one has the slightest doubt that history will always be divided into before and after the Weinstein scandal, when one of the biggest, or maybe the biggest, film producers of recent years, the man behind the successes of Quentin Tarantino and Oscars for Shakespeare in Love, sometimes better known than the stars he worked with, after years of impunity, has suddenly ceased to be untouchable. In Ursula Macfarlane's documentary, his victims, sometimes for the first time in their lives, share traumatic memories that, despite the passage of time, they still cannot forget. They endure like the so many endless hotel corridors, bathrooms and rooms in which a man who had the ear of all of Hollywood liked to arrange his "meetings". Well-known actresses, former assistants and even women of his youth together try to understand why they were forced to remain silent for so long. And why they were stubbornly told that what happened to them was also their fault.

Marta Bałaga
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Ursula Macfarlane

Ursula Macfarlane is an award-winning director and producer who lives in Great Britain and has been nominated four times for the BAFTA Award. She has made, among others, One Deadly Weekend in America and Breaking Up with the Joneses. Her latest documentary Untouchable screened at Sundance and gives voice to Harvey Weinstein's victims who share their difficult experiences - famous actresses and ordinary women who have only now found the strength to talk about their trauma.

Selected filmography

2001 The Real Yoko Ono (TV Movie doc.)

2008 Abortion: The Choice (TV Movie doc.)

2016 West Side Stories: The Making of a Classic (TV Movie doc.)

2017 One Deadly Weekend in America

2019 Nietykalny / Untouchable (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Ursula Macfarlane
screenplay Ursula Macfarlane
cinematography Neil Harvey, Amza Moglan, Patrick Smith
editing Andy Worboys
music Anne Nikitin
cast Erika Rosenbaum, Ken Auletta, Ronan Farrow, Caitlin Dulany, Rosanna Arquette, Paz de la Huerta
producer Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn, Poppy Dixon
production Lightbox Media
Polish distributor Next
language English
coloration colour
festival partners