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Roman Holiday

William Wyler, USA 1953, 118’
The Gunfighter On the Beach

A Hollywood romantic comedy enhanced with elements of a travelogue and a legendary tour of Rome guided by the charismatic Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday is an engaging, moderately sentimental and funny film shot entirely in the Eternal City. Produced and directed by William Wyler - one of the most innovative craftsmen of the American cinema and known for good style and attention to detail, the film tells the story of Princess Anne who, weary of tedious royal duties, sets out for an incognito tour around the city. Along the way, she accidentally meets an American news reporter (Gregory Peck), who guides her throughout Rome while deliberately concealing his identity and hoping to get an "exclusive" story on the escaped Princess. Audrey Hepburn, whom director William Wyler casted in a leading role for her Hollywood debut, was a little known actress at the moment of the film’s production. Gregory Peck, the unquestionable star of the picture, quickly become enchanted with her beauty and natural performance skills. Aware that she was a rising star, Peck asked for Hebpurn’s name to be added to the opening titles, right after his. Considering the practices of the then movie industry, Peck’s suggestion constituted a startling show of gallantry. Indeed, in no time, Hepburn beguiled the whole film crew and Hollywood industry, ultimately winning an Oscar for best actress for her role as Princess Anne. Regardless, it remains an allegory on self-discovery, and an invitation for reflection on everyday life.

Iga Harasimowicz


Oscars 1954 - Best Actress, Writing, Costume Design; Golden Globes, USA 1954 - Best Actress

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William Wyler

An American film director, screenwriter, producer and one of the most versatile filmmakers of Hollywood’s golden age. Among films directed by Wyler are comedies, social and historical dramas, westerns and musicals. Wyler won three Oscars and is the director with the most nominations in the history of the Academy to date. He was also awarded the Palm d’Or at the 10th Cannes Film Festival for Friendly Persuasion (1956).

Selected filmography

1953 Rzymskie wakacje / Roman Holiday

1958 Biały kanion / The Big Country

1959 Ben Hur / Ben-Hur

1966 Jak ukraść milion dolarów / How to Steal a Million

1968 Zabawna dziewczyna / Funny Girl 

Cast & Crew

director William Wyler
screenplay Dalton Trumbo, Ian McLellan Hunter, John Dighton
cinematography Henri Alekan, Franz Planer
editing Robert Swink
music Georges Auric
cast Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power
producer William Wyler
production Paramount Pictures
sales Park Circus
language English, Italian
coloration b&w
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