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Lost Transmissions, dir. Katharine O’Brien

Simon Pegg, the star of „Mission: Impossible”, will be the guest of 10. AFF

Classics at 10. AFF Gregory Peck's retrospective — Matthew Thrift for AFF

Sergeant Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz, Commander Lieutenant Montgomery Scott in Star Trek and Benji Dunn – a brilliant hacker from three episodes of Mission: Impossible – all these characters were played by Simon Pegg, a versatile actor who – in addition to excellent roles in box office hits – often appears in independent films. Pegg will be the guest of the jubilee edition of American Film Festival in Wrocław, where he will talk about his work on the set of Lost Transmissions, the feature debut of Katharine O’Brien which will be presented in the Spectrum competition. Tickets are already on sale!

Simon Pegg is one of 30 guests who will come to this year's AFF. Festival viewers will also have the opportunity to meet Ari Aster, who will present the director's cut of Midsommar in Wrocław, and talk with the Indie Star Award winners – Mark Webber, the hero of one of the retrospectives, and Jay Van Hoy, the producer of The Lighthouse. Also coming to the festival are: Riley Stearns, the director of The Art of Self-Defense – a perverse black comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg; Michael Tyburski, the author of The Sound of Silence in which Peter Sarsgaard plays the “home tuner”; and Zachary Spicer, the star and producer of the film Ms. White Light. For the second time the festival will host Alistair Banks Griffin, the director of The Wolf Hour with Naomi Watts, who has already visited Wrocław in 2011 with his film Two Gates of Sleep. „”

Traditionally, American Film Festival will feature a strong representation of directors and film producers from USA who will introduce films from the Spectrum competition. As part of this year's AFF, you will meet, among others, Haroula Rose, who will present her debut – Once Upon a River, completed as part of US in Progress program; Isabel Sandoval, the author of the daring Lingua Franca; Monique Walton, the producer of Bull; the aforementioned Katharine O'Brien, the director of Lost Transmissions; and Magdalena Zyzak who together with Zachary Cotler will show their two latest films: The Wall of Mexico and When I’m a Moth.

The authors of excellent documentaries will come to Wrocław as well: Alexandre O. Philippe, the director of Memories: The Origins of Alien which looks behind the scenes of the iconic work by Ridley Scott; Michael Beach Nichols, the creator of Wrinkles the Clown – a story about "a nightmare to order"; as well as Patrick Bresnan, the director of Pahokee – a thorough social analysis of modern America through the prism of a small town in Florida.

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